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During the last eight years, our primary investigator and owner of MPI, Roland Tilton, working as a Maine private investigator, has personally investigated over 500 workers' compensation assignments, capturing critical, video evidence and ultimately compromising the employees claim in more than 90% of thesecases. Patience and a stealth approach is a trademark of his firm and has contributed significantly to it's exemplary reputation. MPI provides clear, objective documentation, including photographs, DVD video and detailed reports. References are available attesting to the fact that he is extremely focused, committed to his work and one of the most capable workers' compensation investigators in the state.
Maine Private Investigation Services
     Workers Compensation Fraud
Maine Private Investigation will also provide infidelity surveillance, in a cost-effective manner throughout the State of Maine. If you suspect your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, investigators will discreetly document and provide you the evidence to move forward with your life. My goal is to  embrace new technologies, maintain strict confidentiality and to set exemplary professional standards.
When you need the services of a highly trained and experienced private investigator, call Maine Private Investigation for more information and a FREE consultation. I am available 24 hours a day to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
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"Absolutely impressed with your effort and results." -- "We've used other investigators in the past, but never had one that would consistently provide comparable results" -- "Thanks, once again, for a job well done" "Your video documentation was the best I've seen and the element that resulted in a most favorable disposition" 
Maine Private Investigation LLC is a state registered, bonded and insured private investigator agency offering specialized services with an impressive track record. MPI investigators provide surveillance and litigation support for workers compensation insurance companies and self-insured businesses seeking to determine the legitimacy of an employees claim of injury.

Workers compensation fraud is a substantial part of the country's multi billion dollar insurance fraud crisis. Maine Private Investigation specializes in workers comp investigation and utilizes precise video surveillance while investigating potential fraudulent insurance claims.
We attempt to utilize foot surveillance, whenever conditions allow for such. This method
of surveillance is often ignored by other agencies and is the foundation of our success, providing our clients the most accurate video evidence.
Our firm guarantees a quick response to all client requests, including a daily update of ongoing surveillance. MPI offers clients an extensive background in law enforcement, litigation, covert surveillance and report writing.
Documented video surveillance, often obtained on foot, gives the most accurate view of the person's daily activities and physical capabilities, related to the claimant's workplace injury. Contradicting video evidence becomes an effective negotiating tool for our client's attorney.  MPI investigators are familiar and operate under the rules of the Maine Workers Compensation Act, while investigating suspected insurance fraud assignments.